Winning Lottery – How to get ready for the huge price


Lottery, a game form that allows its stake to remove lots for prices, has been around for a while. The existence of lottery can be found in the old Chinese days around 205-187 BCE. During the Han dynasty, the lottery in the form of Keno slips helped the country’s government finance construction projects such as China’s great wall. Lottery then spreads to other parts of the world, including Europe, America and Australia.

In countries like the United States, early 1900s, the lottery was associated with less unhappy people. Many stories were on how homeless people suddenly have been rich because of the winning lottery, then recass to poverty, because they could not manage the money they had received. Although the lottery can help people improve their financial statements, it can also be harmful. To prevent bad things from happening after the lottery win, here are some tips that a lottery winner can follow.

1. Make your identity in the secret

People who earn the lottery and are announced in the local newspaper are an easy target for a criminal act such as theft or theft. If possible, ask the power to maintain your anonymous identity to reduce criminal risk. If your name is already written in the news, perform a preventive act such as the change of address and telephone number.

2. Do not rush

Instead of collecting your slip right away, wait several days (at least one week) to claim your price. This is done to reduce the winning euphoria and prepare to organize plans for money management. Before casing the lottery, make backups of your ticket in the form of hard copies and digital copies in case you encounter problems.

3. Rental of accounting professionals

Treat with a lot of money with its tax and other items to follow might not be your daily cup of tea. Here, the role of a professional is strongly necessary. The accountant will help you take care of taxes as well as manage the money you have received. You will probably also need financial consultant to decide the good thing to do with the price of the lottery.

4. Consider your work wisely

Do not be so suddenly left your job after receiving the lottery result. Take time and prepare your new financial statement while continuing to do your daily work keeps a leveled head. Also stray your winner at the office.

5. Avoid luxury shopping

Lottery winners usually make mistakes by buying villas, jewelry, sports cars and other luxury items without thinking twice. Apart from the desires of your environment, a sudden lifestyle change can also endanger your well-being. Be humble and carefully plan your finance is wiser than madness.

6. Take care of all your debts

Pay all your debts is one of the priorities when receiving the winning lottery. This may include but not limited to the credit card due, mortgage, tuition fees, etc.

7. Save for the emergency fund

Who knows if one day you could have financial problems? Save money to prepare for a rainy day is a very wise thing to do.

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